Meet REP’s 30 Under 30 | Samantha Place


I am so excited and honoured to be featured as one of Real Estate Professional’s (REP’s) 30 Realtors Under 30 Across Canada. Please read more about the article below:
When, why and how did you get involved in real estate?
I’ve always been fascinated by real estate. When I was a little girl, the highlight of visiting my mom at work was looking at the beautiful mansions in the luxury magazines that were in the reception area at the real estate office that she ma aged. I imagined that one day, I would be able to walk through one of the homes in those magazines. After I finished university, I had an opportunity to do Project Marketing, where I worked for 3 years. From there I transitioned into residential resales with a team focusing on luxury real estate. I am so fortunate to have worked in Vancouver, because I have seen some very beautiful homes, condos and mansions, and I can say that my dreams have come true from when I was younger, sitting in the office looking at the magazines.

What have you learned in your time in the industry?
Moving is one of the most stressful situations in one’s life. In the beginning of my career, my friends and family thought that being a REALTOR® was easy: “Don’t you just show someone a few homes and they buy one of them? What is it so hard?” they would ask. There is much more to that and there are individuals in the general public that don’t understand what exactly REALTORS® do to help them; I explain that this is our career and how we earn our income. When people ask what do I do for a living, I tell them that I am a Real Estate Advisor because I am my client’s confident, self-proclaimed therapist, tour guide (yes! we do take people out on tours and show them different properties) and a market expert. I work for my clients in helping make one of the most stressful purchases in their life, a little bit easier. Being a REALTOR®, I have learnt that you have to show everyone the respect that you would want in return, be genuine and have meaningful conversations with fellow real estate agents and clients, and most importantly, be patient!

What challenges face you as a young agent in a very traditional industry?
I think that the biggest challenge has been distinguishing myself from all the other REALTORS® out there. I use distinguish rather than compete, because I strongly believe to be successful in this industry you have to utilize your fellow REALTORS® knowledge and expertise and work together as colleagues, not competitors. Many people in this industry don’t believe in this idea, but we all want the same thing – to make our clients happy.

What do you bring to your job that sets you apart?
I once was told by one of my mentors that “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.” I believe that this mantra strongly resonates with the feeling: “there is no place like home.” This is something that I truly believe in and strive for my clients to feel as well. I get great fulfillment out of getting to really know my clients and what they are looking for in their “home”. I am extremely positive and put in energy in helping them find and make the best decisions with any real estate investments. I am not only their real estate advisor, but I work for all my clients as if they were a close family members or friends, and treat them as such. Being in the real estate industry, I take the lessons that I learn in every transaction about business, people and life in general, while constantly developing new skills and ways of thinking to be a better REALTOR® for my past, present and future clients. I am extremely passionate about real estate – it is not only a job, but a hobby – and the best feeling is finding a property that makes my clients walk into the house and feel as if they are at “home.”

What else would you like readers to know about you?
My goal for 2017 is to make the Medallion Club. Other than that, I hope to finally do some much needed travelling – the top of my go-to list is Switzerland. I went straight from high school to university into real estate, so I haven’t had much time off; whomever said that this job is easy obviously doesn’t know how many hours of work you do a day, and that weekend’s aren’t typical “weekends”! If I do have some free time I love hiking and exploring new places, as well as cooking extravagant meals for my family and friends.

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